Best Apps To Download Instagram Videos & Photos Online

Best Apps To Download Instagram Videos & Photos Online

Stumbled upon some amazing photos or videos on Instagram? But can’t figure out a way to save them for your use? Do not worry, we got you covered with a complete list of apps that will help you download Instagram videos and photos online for free. Imagine being able to save your crush’s image in gallery just because of this blog? Isn’t it an achievement. If you love this piece, please do visit other blogs at our site

Recently many fraudulent apps have been launched in competition to the apps used for downloading instagram videos and photos online. However, our blog acts like a captcha verification. We will help you get a user-friendly and safe app to download instagram videos and photos on your mobile phone. Let’s start with a full-fledged list and descriptions of all the apps.

List of the best Apps to Download Instagram Videos & Photos Online

DownloadGram – 

While using Instagram, we often stumble upon fascinating videos and photos that we want to keep with us. DownloadGram is an web application that helps us download photos and videos by just pasting their url. It is super user-friendly, and the basic design does’nt take you to the ad pages. Just paste the url and click on download, and you’re done.

Inflact –

Inflact is a service that saves any Instagram photo to multiple devices. This web programme lets you save photographs and videos to your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Simply copy and paste the URL, and the photographs or videos will be downloaded to your device. 

Quick Save –

Quick Store is a great Instagram downloader programme that allows you to save and save photographs and videos. This Android software allows you to download Instagram photos and videos quickly. After you’ve minimised and opened this Instagram downloader android app, go to Instagram and click on ‘copy share URL.’ This will allow you to download the necessary Instagram photographs and videos.

iTubeGo –

iTubeGo is an excellent software for download videos and photos from instagram. It will help you in downloading any photos or videos that you wish to use/view later without the use of internet. iTubeGo can be used to download instagram files in multiple devices, such as laptop, desktop, iPhones, iPads, and MP4 players. 

Qoob –

Qoob is an Instagram reader and story downloader for large groups. It allows you to view and store your Instagram stories, highlights, images, and videos from both public and private accounts.

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