Best School Management System in Lucknow

Best School Management System in Lucknow

School Management System/software is helpful when overseeing student admissions or producing several reports like collecting results or anything else. One can digitize all of their school’s procedures using school management software, eliminating manual work and lowering mistake rates.

Time-consuming tasks like recording attendance, making schedules, generating fee receipts, issuing pay slips, and sending messages or emails to students and parents can all be automated using school management software.

Skyview offers the best School Management System in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, which is more than simply software. It is a fantastic approach to running the school efficiently. It automates all to-do tasks, including attendance monitoring, grading, and online class management, enabling administration, instructors, and students to communicate and work virtually from anywhere around the globe.

Skyview’s school management software provides a one-stop solution for all manual administrative and instructional chores, including communication, student assignments, admissions management, payments, and attendance, as well as payroll, report cards, transportation, and more.

Features that Skyview provides 


Send out updates and reminders to parents, instructors, and students. Skyview’s connect module improves communication between parents, instructors, and students so that all three parties may work together more effectively.


a comprehensive approach to simplifying and automating charge administration. Collection of fees, creation of challans, customization of fee receipts, the transmission of payment updates, and many more tasks.

System for Managing Learning

Planned, carried out, and monitored the delivery of education with the use of simple, mobile-friendly modules.

Manage live classrooms, curriculums, teaching resources, and assignments all from one platform.


Create personalized report cards depending on students, teachers, and academic performances with an infographic portrayal and automating mark calculation for all boards.


By automating the entire process and increasing the administrator’s effectiveness, administrative tasks that require a lot of time and effort, such as payroll management, admission, maintaining staff and students’ profiles, and maintaining inventories and compliance certificates, can be digitally transformed.

Tracker for attendance built-in

To get through such a busy, busy routine. The attendance module of Skyview’s school management software provides an all-in-one tool for managing student absence, leave, and attendance records.

What other systems are there in the school management system at Skyview?

  • System of multiple markings
  • Attendance tracking software
  • Exam management system online
  • Management system for invoices
  • System for managing inventories
  • System for managing leaves
  • Management system for libraries
  • System for online admission

A School Management System’s Advantages

Timetable Management

Creating automated or interactive schedules for students and instructors is made simpler for administrators by the timetable module of Skyview’s School Management Software.

Tracks Development

It enables educational institutions to keep track of each student’s development in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Simple to Customize

The school administration system can readily be customized to meet your demands and the school’s varied requirements in various languages.

Efficiency in Operations

There are numerous operational efficiencies, including automation of the processes, decreased management staff, and inexpensive maintenance services.

Online test

Reduces the number of tests and aids in improving applicants’ exam readiness. The test might be a midterm, final, or another kind of test.

Engaging with parents and schools

It enables parents to conveniently pay fees online, examine classroom performance and report cards, and accomplish many other tasks.

Salient Features:

  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Fees Managed 
  • Attendance of Students
  • Admissions & Enquiries 
  • Parents Portal 
  • Dynamic Homework Library
  • Circular & Notice
  • Live Classrooms 
  • Smart SMS
  • Mobile Applications for Android that are Bug-free 
  • Learning Management System
  • Excellent user experience
  • Managed Transportation & Hostels

Skyview School Management Software uses the latest technology to give kids, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders in the school a 360-degree experience that enhances productivity for everyone involved, including the principal, management, instructors, and administrative staff.

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