Top 10 SEO Companies in Lucknow

Top 10 SEO Companies in Lucknow

Yes! You heard it right, later in this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 SEO companies in Lucknow according to their success and growth in Search Engine Optimization. To start with it let us first talk about what SEO actually is? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing process that involves the optimization of a website for better ranking in a variety of Search Engines for selective keywords. SEO’s effect kicks in slowly but surely. A proper and well-researched SEO will help increase the rank of your website drastically.

Many SEO companies in Lucknow use the latest Search Engine algorithms and create optimized content for websites. Let us see what causes SEO’s progress to be slowed down. Given down below are the four steps used in SEO:

  • Identifying and Researching of Target Market.
  • Creating Keywords.
  • Content Optimization and Updation on the website.
  • Regular testing and repeating the three steps written above.

With all this knowledge you gained about SEO, you will be able to differ companies. We have sorted out the top 10 SEO companies in Lucknow using these methods. Let us have a brief look at what the best SEO companies have in store to offer us.

Top 10 SEO Companies in Lucknow

Skyview Smart Solutions

Taking the number one spot on the list is Skyview Smart Solutions, a Saudi Arab-based information technology company. Skyview’s SEO team backs up its revolutionary figures in campaigns. They offer the best SEO Company in Lucknow. Skyview’s reasonable plans make businesses who want an effective SEO result at a lower price really happy. They understand that brands deserve a comprehensive brand image and they work together with the client to push them one step closer to their goals. Apart from a good SEO work efficiency, Skyview offers other services such as Mobile Application Development, Website Designing and Development, Digital Marketing, and many more.

Softflew Software Services

Softflew Software Services, a Lucknow-based IT company is one of the best SEO Companies in Lucknow. The approach used by them to create a good SEO strategy makes them jump to the second spot on our list. Softflew Software Services has been providing extraordinary SEO services to brands who wanted to rank their website at the top. Their extensive experience separates them from most of the SEO Companies in Lucknow.

Grow Media Digital

Grow Media Digital is an experienced SEO company that made it to third place on our list. It is a well-established company offering excellent SEO services to startups and brands located in Lucknow. It is a renowned SEO Company in Lucknow. The agency has been awarded for its extraordinary digital marketing campaigns. A dedicated team of professionals will take over your SEO and provide you a good ride to the top of the search engines in a few months.

Website –

Contact No – +91 7977032857

Email id –

E-10 Infotech

Their strategies are built with a strong emphasis on high return on investment, long-term positioning, and targeted traffic, all of which result in greater sales and brand awareness for your company at a very cheap cost. This makes them eligible for making it to the top SEO firms in Lucknow. They offer other software development, and marketing services as well!

Website –

Contact No – +91 8657440720

Email id –

Software Technocrewz

With a combination of knowledge and creativity, Software Technocrew can help you utilize Search Engine Optimization, ensuring that you get the most out of your endeavor. Software Technocrewz is one of the best SEO Companies in Lucknow. Their past deliverable was so beautiful that the client tied for a huge deal with them. SEO Experts at Software Technocrewz have practiced and learned how to create an effective SEO strategy.

Website –

Contact No – +91-8005 488 813

Address – 101, UGF Anuj Apartment -2,Tilak Marg, Dalibagh, Adjacent Kidzee School Lucknow

Email id –

My Digital Crown

My Digital Crown makes it to this list of Top 10 SEO Companies in Lucknow because of their owners, who want to redefine the definition of delivering a digital marketing deliverable. The website itself ranks on google to convince clients in buying their SEO package. Hands down they have played their part as one of the best SEO Companies in Lucknow.

Website –


Sociobliss is a premium SEO company based in Lucknow. They have been providing intelligent SEO solutions to diverse businesses over the course of a long time. Their polished SEO skills are clearly to be considered for their reason to be on this list of the best SEO Companies in Lucknow.


Diro Tech

Diro Tech is an emerging SEO agency that has been able to deliver some magical results in the past. We would like to introduce Diro Tech as the underdogs for this competition of the top 10 SEO Companies in Lucknow. We do it as it is said, based on the little experience they have, they still performed better than many of the IT Companies.

Eye Web Solution Pvt Ltd.

Eye Web Solution Pvt Ltd. is a superfast growing IT company that has satisfied the needs of many businesses. They are not only good at SEO but other IT services such as Mobile App Development and Website Design and Development.


Just as the name suggests they gain “justklicks” from their target audience while helping all their clients. They create amazing content for social media interactions and same goes for their SEO services. They conduct proper research to analyze every possibility and then prepare a strategy that could make them the best SEO Company in Lucknow.

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